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You know a lot of things about ASMR already, which is great, but let’s take a look at understanding how finding some relaxing videos and content that will help you in a lot of different ways, specifically if you are on the hunt for ways to relax and find some support in terms of sleeping.

ASMR Eating: A healthy thing…

You will be able to find all sorts of help with various videos on getting rid of those negative vibes, and you’ll find the perfect videos to help you get to sleep in a breeze.

ASMR to help your relax or sleep

ASMR is great for helping with relaxation and sleep.

When you listen to these videos that are meant for relaxation, you’ll hear quiet whispering and breathing, fabric on fabric, all noises that will activate this neurological response and help you to find relaxation and and get you to drift off to sleep. It allows you to feel safe and warm and tucked into bed, which allows us to disengage our worry and fear.

What do you know about ASMR?  If you’re like most people, it’s probably something totally foreign to you.  Well, if you are looking to find some relaxing videos and content that will help you in a lot of different ways, this is something you should inform yourself on, because it could mean the difference between being successful at what you needs support it or not.

What is ASMR

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and it’s a term for that feeling you get like a cold tingle on the back of your neck, such as when someone gently runs a hand over your back, or when you read something really good and it makes you get a “spine tingle”.

It’s basically the response that you get when something makes you feel really calm and comfortable. ASMR is something that is being put into videos now with images, noises and steams of video that are to help you get the response to what you’re seeing.

They vary in context, topic and type, but they are said to be popular with certain people and it is a growing practice that is popular amongst those who find it helps with their reason for watching it.

ASMR to help your relax or sleep

ASMR – assuming it works for you and gives you the correct response – is great for helping with relaxation and sleep.

When you listen to these videos that are meant for relaxation, you’ll hear quiet whispering and breathing, fabric on fabric, all noises that will activate this neurological response and help you to find relaxation and and get you to drift off to sleep.

These reactions are cause by the videos and will give you the neurological equivalent to growing sleepy or calm, so that you are put into that state of mind easier and with much better than without the videos.

ASMR eating sounds for diet aid

One of the new ways is that ASMR is becoming popular as a diet aid.  ASMR eating sounds are thought to trigger the brain’s pleasure center (much like the relaxation would) and make the viewer feel the equivalent of themselves eating the food.  It’ll help wit those who are trying to stay on a specific diet.  If they wanted junk food, they’d find an ASMR eating McDonalds so that they can get the experience of indulging in the treat without actually doing it.

ASMR eating youtube video options are growing quickly, with a wide selection already available so that each person can find the right craving video for them.  ASMR is something that is still under investigation by a lot of research labs, but for those who just need quick fix and a way to kill a craving, this is absolutely it.

For those who need a little more guidance on this untraditional kind of practice, it’s easier to take an example and break it down so that it’s easily understood.  Let’s say you’re three weeks into a diet that has so far been working good.  You’re craving pizza big time.  You don’t want to break your good streak, though, so you find an ASMR eating pizza video.  In the video (which you can watch and listen to) there’s a mic that’s in someone’s mouth and this person eats pizza.  All the noises sound the same and since the mic is in the right place, you’ll hear it all as if it were you eating the pizza.  It’s essentially the closest you’re going to get to enjoying pizza without having it yourself.  It’s a way to quench those surface cravings and give yourself a way to “enjoy” them without actually having to break your diet.

Same thing goes for cake.  Find an ASMR eating cake video and you would allow the experience to take you over and it would help you deal with that craving.  If you are seriously craving something, this kind of treatment is going to help you deal with it so that you can stay on target and still enjoy the food.

To make it truly a success, you need to give yourself over to the experience.  That is, you have to remember that you need to believe in the fact that it’s going to work, and imagine yourself eating pizza or cake as you listen to and watch this video.  It helps make the experience real and you’ll be able to really get the most benefit out of it.

Dieting is hard enough as it is, so if you can find a way to enjoy your cravings in a second hand way, it’ll make it that much easier!

ASMR as a treatment

When you need help sleeping or relaxing or staying on a diet, an ASMR video is said to really be able to help you out with it, as long as you believe in it.  You have to be willing to try it and fully commit to giving it an honest try where you are going to explore all of the possibilities.  Remember, too, that it may take you a while to find the right ASMR experience.  There are different kinds and different ways to enjoy it.  If you use it as the right kind of tool, though, you’ll be able to stick to your diet and get to sleep or relax.  It’s about finding the right video and noises that help you find that place between comfort and enjoyment.

ASMR doesn’t work for everyone, but it is something that can help with a lot of people who are struggling to find a helper in their daily lives.  If you’ve been searching for something that will give you that support that you’re needing to find that happy place where it comes to enjoying food second hand.  It sounds strange, but you’d be surprised how many ways it’ll help you if you experience it in the right context.

As ASMR grows and brings more and more people into its world, you’ll find a video for every craving that you could imagine so that you’ll have be able to deal with anything that pops up and gives you a problem on your rough days.  Sounds great when a diet is not something that comes naturally to you – which is most of us.

Learn about new food and relax different

ASMR eating is not limited: try international food ASMRtists

Sometimes the sensation extends down their backs or limbs. It’s often referred to as a brain-gasm, but counter-intuitively, it’s also supposed to be relaxing, mellow feeling.

Those who get ASMR describe the experience as a tingling inside their heads, or a head rush.

Some people need to receive ASMR in one way or another to help them sleep at night. And even without the tingles, it is sort of relaxing, if you can get past the dissonance of someone whispering in your ear.

We show you the most secret benefits of ASMR and expose really individual video formats that fit to the specific needs and your personal aims.


ASMR has been associated with a sexual background even before the name ASMR was used to describe the feeling.

Attention Induced Head Orgasm’ was the first recorded name for this experience and can be found when searching for ASMR origins.

There’s always going to be a sexual association. Also, the fact our body is flooded with endorphins also gives the media a reason to think ASMR has such a strong sexual link.

It provides a subtle, pleasant tingle in the scalp, and sometimes shoulders. It is not an intense feeling at all but a very peaceful and pleasant one.

What does ASMR cause

ASMR often involves letting go, relaxing and just being at peace. I think ASMR is a more anticipatory sensation where often times the anticipation is actually better than the thing anticipated.

The sensual experiences vary widely depending on the trigger that causes it. They range on a spectrum that goes from deeply Spiritual to Sensual to Sexual. An usual trigger is good music, either played or sung.

Usually it’s a voice that does it for us more so than instruments. Depending on the type of song, lyrics and the melody/drums, music can trigger a powerful ASMR.

Some triggers are very much at the spiritual end, while others bring back the memory of ASMR events, and the memory itself triggers a mild repeat.

Really good foods (eating or even smelling them) can trigger tingles in head and shoulders; while a head, back or foot massage can all be triggers, depending on the skill of the person.

ASMR Whisper Videos for everyone?

Often the most successful ASMR whisper videos will include a variety of triggers, and sometimes that combination can produce much more of an effect than the isolated triggers themselves.

Not everybody experiences ASMR, so it could be that fall into this group. Alternatively your triggers might simply be more obscure.

If you can’t find anything that triggers the ASMR sensation for you, the first way to experience the sensation is with a head massage. This produces tingles that are much more intense than any other ASMR triggers. It is also a great way to explain the ASMR sensation to other people.

There are some ASMR triggers which you will find reoccur regularly in ASMR videos. Everyone’s personal triggers will vary slightly, what works for other people won’t necessarily work for you.

It’s good to keep searching for ASMR triggers that you didn’t know about, or hadn’t thought of before. Or if you are not sure whether you experience ASMR yourself, just check out the most common ones and find out which ones give you the tingles.

ASMR Youtube Videos

To get startet some of the best ASMR videos are found directly on YouTube. If you know a good video to be listed here in addition, you let me know in the guestbook.

But in order to really improve your life with positive changes, ASMR can do more for you.

  1. Define your aims
  2. Select and plan your ASMR program
  3. Enjoy and review monthly with our checklist (tba soon)

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